Tuesday, May 14, 2013

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"Hudson, a plucky terrier, can't wait to meet some French dogs while spending a year in Paris. Though Hudson sees other dogs running errands with their owners, everyone is so busy going places that he isn't able to make friends.
When he finally finds a dog park, another obstacle arises: the dogs only speak French. 'Oh great,' Hudson thinks. He thought all dogs spoke Dog. Hudson slowly absorbs the French language (thanks to lessons from--who else--a French poodle), and debut author Mancuso includes a sprinkling of French words throughout, which are defined in a glossary.
The story showcases Mancuso's playful, rough-hewn gouache paintings of Paris and its human and canine denizens (Hudson appears in roughly half of the images). She gives Hudson a bold, amusing narrative voice tinged with self-righteousnes, and he ends the story on a droll note, announcing that he's becoming a real Parisian--'I mean Paris-chien.'"—Publishers Weekly

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