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Interview with Spencer le Border at Perrin Paris

November 15, 2012 at Perrin Paris

SLB: Jackie has come from California for her first Paris booksigning. We met on this occasion, a few months after I discovered her book, Paris-Chien: adventures of an ex-pat dog, where Jackie has used her art to describe Hudson’s

JCM: Bonjour, Spencer. It’s always a pleasure to come to France and to Paris in particular. Thank you for coming to the signing.

This signing has given us the opportunity to meet, and to share the adventures of Hudson with Parisians. What made you want to write the book?

JCM: I’ll tell you a secret: Hudson didn’t really go to Paris. My friend Ariane had adopted him just before I left to stay in Paris for a few months. From the moment we met, Hudson and I were fond of each another. I consider myself his aunt. When I was living in Paris, I liked to sit in the park and draw dogs, and I often thought of him when I took photos and made gouaches of people and dogs I saw on my walks in the city. Paris is a city of dogs. You see them everywhere with their owners. Little by little, the sketches took shape and the idea came to me of bringing Hudson into the picture. I don’t speak French well, and I substituted Hudson for myself.

SLB: How has the book been received in the U.S.?

JCM: Oh, it’s been a success. Each book signing is an event, with dogs and children. In fact, Paris-Chien has become as much a book for adults as for kids.

SLB: The dog is a wonderful companion who guides children as they discover a new city, a new culture in the pages. For Francophiles, this little book is a way to reconnect with Paris and French culture. For those who don’t know French, it allows them to quickly learn a few words and discover French customs, the bakeries, neighborhood markets, gardens.

Paris-Chien is not just for kids and dog owners, but will be enjoyed by all urban adventurers. Americans love Paris and France and Hudson is a marvelous ambassador!

JCM: Thank you, Spencer. It was great getting to meet you in person. À la prochaine! (until next time!)

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